Almosleh's staff comes from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Almosleh is organized into departments and areas of responsibility. These departments cover the entire construction process from pre-construction to construction and project closeout.

  • The financial department’s responsibilities and objectives include monitoring the company’s profitability, liquidity, and solvency while ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting and making sure that the company has established and maintains an effective set of internal accounting controls.

  • Engineering deparment has the responsiblty for estimating the cost of a new building, calculating the materials and labour used in a building, preparing tender and other legal documents, estimate the value of work done at various stages of the contract. In term of planning, Engineering department assists in pre-planning of projects and finding solutions to potential problems before construction begins.

  • The construction department supervises the field construction of a projects , including its organization, planning, and scheduling, in order to complete the work on time, within the budget, and to specifications. Its also resposable about d eveloping and maintaining the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program and coordinating and monitoring the activities of subcontractors, suppliers, labor and materials.

  • Administration department has the responsibility of ensuring that companies’ staff duties are completed efficiently and effectively, managing all office operations in well planned and in most efficient manner. Administration department also has an important roles by linking between the various departments of our company and ensures smooth information flow from part to another.

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